The Ashfield Community Preschool is pleased to announce the opening of their new Toddler Program on October 1, 2015


The Toddler Program at the Ashfield Community Preschool is designed to enhance the child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development within our lovely environment designed with small children in mind. Our curriculum offers a balance of planned teacher activities and supervised child initiated activities. The teacher is a resource who provides an environment conducive to learning. Children are encouraged to experiment and are given a choice of materials to expand their learning.

The Ashfield Community Preschool endeavors to develop respectful and authentic relationships with parents in the belief that you are your child's first and primary teacher and play a pivotal role in all aspects of your child's development.


The Ashfield Community Preschool mixed group classroom consists of preschoolers age 2 years nine months to five years of age.

This classroom provides a secure and nurturing environment and the educators assist each child in achieving positive self esteem, interest in the world and the world of others, empathy, pre-k skills, communication and interactive skills and the ability to express themselves through music and movement, art and drama.

The Ashfield Community Preschool has a beautiful facility as well as a play yard that that is large, fenced in and contains:climbers, swings, sandbox, children's snack garden, herb gardens and much more.